I like pumpkin soup with ginger*

I am artist designer coder curious.

I enjoy working in team and strongly believe in the effectiveness of sharing ideas, inspirations.

I would describe myself as cross-disciplinary maker and fan of design thinking, social innovation and urban culture. I think big cities will look like forests in the future and technology will become transparent.

Professional activity:
2018- (currently) freelancer
2013-2017 XORXOR - co-founder
2014 BME-Infokom - UX designer
2011-2013 OS Kantine - researcher
2007-2012 Kitchen Budapest - researcher
2006-2008 Szövetség’39 freelancer, co-worker
2005-2009 Zarf - freelancer, co-worker, co-founder

Selected appearances:
2011 Lodz Design Festival, Poland - Nighmo, Landprint
2011 Ars Electronica Festival, Austria - Chromosonia
2011 "No One Belongs Here More Than You", Kunsthalle, Budapest - McLuhan Wikisprint
2010 Bacarobo, Trafó House, Budapest - Cat Licker Robot
2009 "Soft is the new cool", Extremely Hungary Festival, New York - Nighmo
2009 Tent Festival, London - Datafizz
2009 Next 6. festival, Arhus, Denmark - Nighmo, Smoke Viz
2009 Lift Conference, Geneva - Nighmo, Smoke Viz
2008 100% Design Tokyo - Nighmo
2008 Kitchen Budapest 1 year exhibition, Millenáris, Budapest
2008 Pixelache, Helsinki - Nighmo, No copy paste, Footprinting
2008 Next 5. festival, Arhus, Denmark - Nighmo
2005 4E, 10000m2 – exhibitions at Tűzraktér Cultural Centre, Budapest
2005 File Festival, Sao Paulo 2005.
2005 Fotofestiwal, Factory of Photography, Lodz, Poland
2005. "Born to be an artist", Ponton Gallery, Budapest
2004. "Art Triangle – New York-Tokyo-Budapest", Millenáris, Budapest
2003. „Arabian Telephone”, Punctum, Dinamo, Budapest

Education, scholarships:
1999-2004 MOME, Budapest, faculty of visual communication
2003 STU, Bratislava faculty of fine arts
2001 VUT, Brno, faculty of multimedia
1995-1997 SZTE, philosophy
1993-1995 SZTE, programmer mathematician

* you can find the pumpkin soup recipe on my blog

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