Nighmo, the smart nightlamp

Night lamp with motion sensor and light sensor

Our home is really intelligent and cosy if the objects around us can adapt to the requirements of a certain situation.

Nighmos can be placed in the darkest corners of your home, where some light to help your orientation is needed, e.g.: in the bathroom, the bedroom or the corridor between the two.

Nighmo provides only dim shine which is usually enough to move around in a dark flat. It`s light is designed to be natural like the light of a candle or full moon.

Nighmo needs minimal interaction from the user it will serve you like a humble animal, using as much energy as you need.

That is why there are no control buttons on this product. You don`t have to switch it on and off, it will happen automatically. All care it requires from its owner is that you will have to recharge it from time to time. Recharging happens through a standard USB port.

floating mess on KIBU table

Year: 2008
Category: smart nightlamp
Company: Kitchen Budapest
My Role: idea, design, coordination