• Plastic box face
    2014-12-02 | ideas | read post

    plastic box face

  • Silhouette cinema
    2014-06-05 | just working on | read post

    Working on silhouette cinema a project with Rita Góbi. I couldn`t help making this group of small dancing Ritas.

  • Size order of smart devices
    2014-04-17 | just working on | read post

    Size order of smart devices

  • Physical multitouch gestures
    2014-04-10 | just working on | read post

    Smooth, responsive and fast :)

  • My prezume
    2013-07-13 | just working on | read post

    I just made a "prezume" - a resume made with prezi software:

  • How to record narrator voice for videos using iPhone
    2013-03-25 | ideas | read post

    Of course iPhone is not made for professional audio recording but you can achieve very good results if you consider some basic rules.

    The room:
    - should be silent during recording
    - should be without echo
    - very small rooms are usually not suitable
    - look around if there is a refrigerator or any other device with continuous rumbling noise and switch them off or stay far from them

    Position, distance, way of speaking:
    - sit comfortably in front of an office table
    - put the iPhone on the table in front of you as shown above with about 50 cm (19.7 inch) distance from your face
    - place the iPhone with the home button towards you as shown above
    - speak as loud asif you were presenting on a five person meeting
    - articulate clearly

    If everything went well, the level of the recorded voice should be around -3dB suitable for using it as narrator voice on videos without much change.

    You can use the built-in "Voice Memos" application. Recording more than 30 minutes is not recommended. With the share option you are able to send the recording in e-mail. If the file is too large, you have to use the free diskAid software to download the recording to a computer.

    Here is an example video we made recently using iPhone for recording the narrator voice.

  • Can you whistle better if you eat much carrot?
    2013-01-29 | just working on | read post

    Hungarian parents often say to their kids if they eat carrot they will whistle better. This is a saying which was experienced by almost everyone of us in childhood and were thinking about if it is really true or our parents was just playing fool with us. So we made a test to put an end to this question.

    This video is also the first piece of a kitchen myth buster series we plan to do with Based on Pig.

  • How to design gingerbreads?
    2012-12-23 | ideas | read post

    It`s always exciting to make custom design gingerbreads in Christmas rather than using mass-produced heart, christmas tree or star shapes.

    To design your own gingerbread is easier you might first think, the only trick is to make good sketches before working on the dough. In my case I used an iPad drawing software (Paper by Fifty Three). Here I present a few simple steps which may help you to achieve nice results.

    1. First draw the shape with simple lines without thinking about how it will be translated into gingerbread art.

    2. Secondly, make an outline around the sketch. Be aware that this outline will be the containing shape of your gingerbread. Follow the sketch loosely and you shouldn`t worry if your drawing will be recognizable by the outline itself or not.

    3. Then paint the outline with brown colour to verify how it will look like as a baked gingerbread.

    4. Then use white color to make the original drawing back into the brown shape. Draw thick lines and avoid too much details, because this is what you need to reproduce by sugar using some cake decorating tool.

    5. You are ready! You have the sketches on paper so it will be easy to make the real custom gingerbread according to your design! You can even use little sugar balls or pepper or nuts to make more decoration!

    I hope this guide inspired you! Merry Christmas!

  • The first Restaurant Day Budapest
    2012-08-23 | just working on | read post

    The frist Restaurant Day Budapest was extremely successful with 11 spots in Hungary and 6 spots in Budapest. All of the one-time restaurants were professional and fun!

    Restaurant Day Budapest is the Budapest wing of the underground urban gastro event Restaurant Day which started its life from Helsinki and already spred in the biggest cities of the world.

    See the picture gallery to get the feeling!

  • Charm of district I.
    2012-08-09 | cultural | read post

    I had breakfast at Bambi, a true retro pub which remained almost the same as it might have been like fifty years ago. I just realized walking back to the tramstop how randomly friendly this area became since it was partly closed from car traffic. It comes with obvious marks of how residents started to use the street.

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