Beyond Data workshop Budapest

Series of workshops for data embodying

Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest are collaborating to bring their different working methodologies and networks together in a series of two workshops.

Topics and themes to visualize

During these few days Dutch and Hungarian artists and designers explore new ways of embodying digital data. The first workshop took place at Kitchen Budapest from 27 September to 1 October 2011.

The best concepts from this workshop week was selected to be developed further into physical interfaces and experiences presented in the form of an open lab during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from 22-30 October 2011.

3rd day at the playground

The results of these workshops was be brought back to Budapest for presentation in November as part of a series of Dutch-Hungarian cultural events.

4th day at Beyond Data ws.

Year: 2011
Category: workshop
Host institutions: Kitchen Budapest, Baltan Laboratories
My Role: conceptualizing