Breath fairies

Have you ever seen little fairies in your breath?

Within the thick visible breath that we exhale in cold air, tiny fairies come alive.

Tough we can’t see them, if we are drunk they get drunk too; our breath is their flora and fauna. The Breath Fairies machine makes these little creatures visible, and creates a photo of them. Wonders don`t last long, so the fairies fly away in a short while too. The photo of your personal fairy is sent to your mobile phone so you can keep it as a memory.

Breath fairies machine

Breath fairies machine

Year: 2007
Category: interactive public object
Company: Kitchen Budapest, Magyar Telekom
My Role: contribution to concept, prototyping

Partners in crime:
Melinda Sipos, Györgyi Gálik, Gábor Papp, Adam Somlai-Fischer, András sly Szalai, Bence Samu