Finger prothesis

Playful variations to multitouch interfaces

The finger prosthesis project is a playful variations to iphone`s or other smartphone`s multitouch interfaces to make it more effective, or less effective.

Using a multitouch interface your finger gestures are no longer reduced for a button stroke, but various hand gestures using the entire anatomy of your hands.

It is possible that someone’s finger is too thick or too thin in order to deal effectively with multitouch interface. The finger prosthesis provides a solution for this difficulty of which it ables the user to achieve the most suitable finger size to control the iPhone.

With this help we can convert a too much thick or too much thin finger to the ideal size or we can even make a double finger of a single finger. So, the iphone will be better managed, or maybe less effectively managed, it is funny however to have an additional finger prosthesis along with our phone device.

Year: 2008
Category: gadget concept
Company: Kitchen Budapest
My Role: concept