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Workshop on RFID and other kind of spimes 2010

The Workshop on RFID and other kind of spimes which explored the topic of the `Internet of Things` took place at Kitchen Budapest in June 2010.

The workshop was led by Rob van Kranenburg and Pawel Pokutycki, and co-organized by MOME. After a theoretical introduction of Rob and presentation of reference projects by Pawel we collected keywords around the topic of Internet of Things.

Afterwards, these keywords were grouped and divided among the groups of participants. The groups discussed the fields defined by these keywords, mapped the occurring dilemmas which were found in the fields.

Internet of Things workshop at Kitchen Budapest - 2nd day

The resulted knowledge and the list of dilemmas were then reported back to the whole group. Solutions were proposed then to give answers on specific dilemmas.

Hitchlike - Internet of things workshop

Year: 2010
Category: 3 day workshop
Company: Kitchen Budapest, MOME
My Role: conceptualizing, prototyping