Subjective Atlas of Hungary

An unusual mirror to our country

Is it possible to draw a portrait of contemporary Hungary with only one pencil, hold by many? Could we map the country at all with its controversial optimism and pessimism, proud and poetry in one single book?

Fifty young visual authors were invited by new media lab Kitchen Budapest and Dutch designer Annelys de Vet to put their homeland in perspective. Rather than folkloristic clichés, the authors present disarming personal visions based on involvement.

As Lajos Parti Nagy puts it in his introduction: “Whoever encounters this strange and self-evident book, can learn strange and self-evident things about Hungary.”

My contributions:

"Nobel Prize Top List" - with Gábor Papp

There is a belief among hungarians that we are doing really well with Nobel Prizes. But if you look at the statistics it turns out that we are far from it. And when you try to save the situation by compering the number of Nobel Prizes hungarians got to our population it turns out that we are on even worse place in statistics.

Thus we decided to create the ultimate formula which make sure Hungary will be on the first place in Nobel Prize Top List. This is called "Chance equalizing Nobel Prize" (CeqNp).

"Kossuth vs. Petőfi" - with Gábor Papp
(refined by book designer)

The idea is to depict the number of Kossuth and Petőfi streets (the most famous national heroes) in Hungary, and decide who has more street named after him. Petőfi won this competition but it was a close race.

"Kossuth vs. Petőfi" - with Gábor Papp
(this is the original design without refinement - but I like it in some way)

"Average Village" - with Attila Bujdosó and Gábor Papp

A map of a fictional hungarian town which size, number of streets, street names was deducted from statistical data about how a hungarian town look like.

You can read the full book on issuu.

Video of the one-day cover design workshop:

Year: 2011
Category: book
Organizations: Kitchen Budapest, hvg könyvek, Hollandia budapesti Nagykövetsége
My Role: contribution to content
Partners in crime:
Annelys de Vet, Attila Bujdosó, and about 30 collaborators
Buy book: @ hvg könyvek
View book online: @ Issuu
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