Augmented reality musical installation

(b)AR is an augmented reality music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places.

It is meant to be a social experiment, mixing cutting edge technology with entertainment, involving music and fun.

(b)AR #1

Participating only requires to attach the AR sticker onto the bottom of the drink received. Each sticker is assigned to a certain instrument.


The playing area is marked; the tracking camera must recognize and locate the sticker. By this time the music starts playing. The position, the rotation angle and the distance from a reference point ables to manipulate the sound.

Year: 2010
Category: sonic installation
Company: Kitchen Budapest
My Role: contribution to concept, visual design

Partners in crime:
· Attila Bujdosó
· Gábor Papp
· Krisztián Gergely
· László Kiss