Recycled DIY flask

Buy your last plastic bottle and make a cool flask of it!

While most of the people finds it natural to buy a bottle of drink and throw the empty bottle away in the other second, this is not what you will do!

Recycled DIY flask

There are thousands of plastic bottles thrown away every second in the US alone. Theese bottles meant to be single use even if they are so well manufactured that they could be used for tens of years long if they were refilled again and again. Considering that the quality of tap water is perfect in most part of the world there is no any use of buying mineral water to drink.

Needless to say that the the sweetened-colored unhealthy soft-drinks are also unnecessary to have in life too. So in the end, most of this litter generating process is absolutely meaningless and harmful.

So what can you do?

You can disconnect yourself from the harmful process and use a single bottle for the rest of your life! Here is how. The first step is to buy (your last) plastic bottle!

Getting the bottle

• Get a plastic half liter or 0.33 bottle soft drink. Concentrate for the bottle only, the shape, size and color according to your wish - never mind what soft drink it contains.
• Empty the bottle and wash it out carefully.
• Remove the label. The stick might be tough so probably you will need alcohol or other detergent to remove it.
• Be happy with your plastic bottle! Watch it carefully - this bottle is so durable that it will operate even over ten years without braking and perfectly closing its content! It is so cool that you managed to get such a perfect flask for so cheap! Now it is time to make it look according to your taste.

Designing the flask

Designing the flask has key importance. For most of the people an empty plastic bottle means only litter they need to get rid of as soon as possible, there is a risk that a cleaner lady or a neat workmate will just clean it away from your table if you left it unattended. So the new design should make it clear that the flask is a value that belongs to somebody and the whole final view of the flask should not resemble any branded drinks you can get in shops.

The process

• Basically you only have to make a label which will replace the old label and that is durable enough that will not look weary in a short while.
• First measure the label size you need. The easiest way to do this to measure the original label after removing from the bottle.
• Secondly, make a graphic which will fit to the label.
• Then send it to a print service where they can print with durable paint on sticker.
• Apply the new layer onto the flask and you are ready to go!

Year: 2013
Institution: none
My role: idea, design, prototype

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