My google powered business card

Minimalistic business card showing only name and slogan

Why use phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other data on business cards? The World doesn`t work like this any more.


This was my conclusion when I decided to make my own. What is the purpose of business cards today? First of all, they have less importance because we can connect more efficiently using social networks, smartphone applications, etc. So why give a piece of paper to someone you want to connect?

Because they are tangible which means an extra chance to express yourself and leave mark. But the problem with displaying phone numbers, e-mail addresses is that they are boring and create only noise.

I decided to simply leave them out and focus on what I want to express. A searchable code word or combination of words are enough to serve the original function: to be able to connect. In my case my full name was perfect.

I also took into consideration ecologic concerns. The process of this business card has minimal carbon footprint as the cards are printed on recyclable paper on a home printer. The card size and the mount is made optimised to minimal paper waste on A4 format and the cards are not cut but hand-torn out of the mount to get fuzzy edges.

Year: 2011
Category: my business card
My Role: idea, design