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Házmester or viceházmester? The difference may be clear for most of you but what about bivalycsók?

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If somebody is not familiar with the hungarian terminology for different fröccs types (aka spritzers - different mix ratios of wine and club soda) the popular names mentioned above refer to the 3:2 and the 2:3 ratio resulting half liter fröccs. The less known bivalycsók stands for mixing 4 dl wine with 1 dl club soda.

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The speciality with Hungary is that the drinking culture around fröccs
grew such big that it has resulted in many many different mixing ratios with different names, all come with different stories. There are also argues about what is the right name for what type of fröccs.

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With this application you will have a guide in your pocket to remember the names of the most popular different mix ratios. The application is free to download from App Store and from Google Play.

Year: 2012
Category: iPhone and Android app
Company: Kitchen Budapest
My Role: contribution to UX design, HTML5 prototype, microsite, sticker design

Partners in crime:
Attila Bujdosó, Bálint Ferenczi, Dóri Sirály, Mihály Szilágyi, Zsombor Paróczi

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