Vivien, my partner plant

She is my partner. She drinks gas-free mineral water.

Research and experiment on the meaning of partnership, coexistence, intimacy in everyday life today

To find the right partner in life is hard, and you will understand that marriage is not the sure big trick to save your life once you looked at the statistics of divorces.

To put in short the root of the problem can be a confuse that we tend to mix up different expectations into one big unrealistic idea. What is the secret of long time fruitful partnership then?

The answer is in the way we spend and organize everyday life, sharing room, food, other resources, each other’s company, adventures, working on each-other’s well-being, to make the life spent together more comfortable and meaningful. It all depends on the choice on whom we offer sharing all what we can share.

Partnership should not necessarily be mixed with love and sex.

So I found a fruitful partner, Vivien, the comosum plant. I go with her to walk having fresh air, to make photograph together or sometimes to have coffee and cake (she usually has a gas-free mineral water and a fertilizer spike) or just resting in the living room listening to classical music on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Year: 2012
Partnership: personal project
Category: research, experiment
My Role: concept, development