Interactive dance performance experiment

Let`s put some creative people with different skills into one room and see what happened after one week?

And to be more accurate, what happens if you combine dancers, sound artists, live visual coders with Fluxus, and everyone starts to improvise, collaborate? Actually this questions might have motivated initiators of Szobart project to occupy an unused building for a month and fill it with life.


Szobart is a German/Hungarian artist collaboration that took place in an abandoned building in the centre of Budapest. Basically, we got a room for one week to experiment freestyle with the space.


We choose to make a dance performance with interactive projections and generated sound. The team was formed on the spot and the very last day of our week we closed our contribution to Szobart with a performance.


The dance, the music, and the codes which generated the visuals were mostly improvised on the spot. The experiments were organised by Loes Bogers.


Year: 2011
Category: experiment
Host institutions: Kitchen Budapest, Szobart
My Role: contribution to visual concepts, performance

Partners in crime:
Andrés Ortega M., Bernadett Jobbágy, Borbála Anna Simányi, Gábor Czap, Gábor Papp, Gáspár Hajdú, Krisztián Gergely, Loes Bogers, María Paz Ramírez T., Mária Roskó, Szilvia Németh, Tamás Marquetant

More information:
· Szobart project