Based on Pig

Research on eating habits of Budapest

Our aim at Based On Pig is to discover the eating habits of the contemporary Budapest by artistic research methods.


By what stories, traditions, legends a certain food, ingredient or living creature used in our kitchen is described? What information is available online, what do we face in the market?

The project is aimed at mapping the cultural framework of our food related decisions and followed by kitchen experiments as well. We have started with pigs and we aim to go after as many animals and veggies used in our kitchen as possible.

Most of our texts, arguments, prezis, visualizations are presented on the Based on Pig website and on the facebook page. We plan to open up more and organize events for the next stage of the project.

Some examples of our outputs:

Survey and infographic about reception of in-vitro meat

Laborhús kérdőív vizualizáció

• Shooting a video about the connection between whistling and carrots 336336_310876959020738_1087380372_o

• BoP labor - carrot 7006_409715875764489_452841869_n



• BoP labor - presentation about kitchen raw materials, for example the lettuce test

BoP labor saláta

• BoP on Restaurant Day 340325_374329455969798_243996934_o

• BoP Labor - Prezi on tomatoes

• BoP Labor - Potato Prezi - examining different types of potatoes

Visualization of the wide range of origins the vegetables comes from available in hypermarkets, supermarkets and markets of Budapest.

Visulalization of the different types of eggs available in the shops of Budapest.

Year: 2011-2013
Category: research
Host institutions: OS Kantine
My Role: research

More information:
· Based on Pig blog
· Based on Pig @ OS Kantine