Kinect wings

iPhone game hacked to be controlled by kinect

We have always dreamed of flying - but we don`t have wings… only Kinects :) Kinect Wings is a gesture controller for Tiny Wings.

Tiny Wings is an incredibly popular and cute iPhone game made by Andreas Illiger. A little bird wants to fly, but his wings are tiny. By using the beautiful hills, he can build up enough speed to fly until the night comes.

We use Synapse to capture the body position of the player with Kinect. It sends the position of the hands to a Processing sketch via OSC, which communicates with an Arduino, handling the tiny servo and capacitive stylus. When the stylus touches the iPhone, the tiny bird flies down to use the hills as jumps.

Music: Tiny Wings theme music © Andreas Illiger 2011
Thanks to Dorka Meleg for testing & flying with Kinect Wings
Made at Kitchen Budapest in 2012, at a shiny friday afternoon :)

(Most of this text was written by Bálint Ferenczi)

Year: 2012
Category: iphone game hack
Company: Kitchen Budapest
My Role: contribution to concept, coding

Partners in crime:
· Ferenczi Bálint
· Krisztián Gergely

Source codes and instructions:

· Develop Kinect - Kinect Wings with Processing, OSC and Arduino